When chef-owner Mike Ledesma, interior designer Helen Reed of Helen Reed Design, and architect Dave Johannas first discussed this project, deliberations revolved around creating a new landmark restaurant in a waning Richmond legend, the former Joy Garden.  The goal was to coalesce emerging energy at the southeast corner of Scott’s Addition, a potentially heavily-traveled pedestrian node with direct access to Richmond’s new bus rapid transit, the Pulse. The style would be progressively modern with Pacific Rim influences, while still remaining a tribute to the former establishment.

To accomplish these goals, the owners undertook an extreme renovation of the existing building with Barret Leipertz of Leipertz Construction.  This included the demolition of a primary structural corner to create an iconic steel and glass beacon. An additional outdoor patio dining area was carved from the interior space, allowing filtered natural light to flood the space.  

The bank of front windows creates a countertop-level sidewalk dining event.  From the moment one enters, the view is immediately is directed to a beautiful bar area and the visibly open kitchen.  Similarly creating an indoor/outdoor dining experience, a wall of doors slide away to connect the patio to the main dining area.  

Through the constant collaboration of Chef Ledesma, his coordinator Kristel Poole, Helen Reed, and Dave Johannas and project manager Daniel Wassum, all working diligently with Barret Leipertz, Scott’s Addition has a new watchtower inviting guests at this prominent entry to the neighborhood.